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From the looks of your signature this thread needs some love. xD
I know I haven't posted here before but I actually use PKSV and not XSE now. I think its an excellent scripting tool. I think people are forgetting that this was one of the first "new-gen" script decompilers out. Unless I'm thinking of someone else, you collaborated with Mastermind_X right? You had the first complete database (by todays standards). Wow, if I'm wrong I'm making a total fool out of myself.

I've been using it since AdvanceMap could integrate script editors. Before it had a gui, I agree it would have been pretty daunting to the average user but now that it does I think people should at least give it a try. I'm totally hooked, I couldn't live without the auto-complete feature now.

And score_under, maybe you should think about giving your first post a make over? Maybe add some graphics and a bit of css? And remove some of those crazy technical terms? I think then it'll be a less intimidating.

So, do you have any new features you're planning score_under?