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    Originally Posted by Archayos View Post
    -looks at update style being stolen-

    lol just kidding, just kidding. But seriously, this is really looking good! Changing the
    pattern on your grass would probably be a good idea, though. Your maps look kinda
    bland. Now I'm not telling you to the change the palette colors, just the pattern on
    the grass.

    Apart from that, I'm really looking forward to the demo! Hurry up with it!
    (*check first post, I credited Krimm *)

    Thanks. I guess I could change the pattern, but I use the Nintendo pattern and that seems to be the cleanest =/
    But I can give it a shot to see what it looks like.

    The demo will be ready soon, hold yer' horses! XD

    And something I've been thinking about a lot lately - should we have custom graphics? I mean, not EVERYTHING being custom, just trees, signs, grass etc. But I don't know which to use D: