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    ~Update July 13th 08 - WHO'S THAT POGEYMAN?~

    Houndoomed here.. as usual...
    Well, not exactly an update today, but I do have a little surprise for you! A new addition to our Pokédex.. but you can't see it yet D:

    I'll reveal it only when someone guesses correctly what it is.. or if they come close enough. The winner also gets to see its evolved form before it gets revealed here! If you already know what it is, please don't tell as it will spoil it for everyone else.
    Here is a small hint:

    Hint: I'm small, adorable and like to play, but make me angry and feel my pain.

    Custom trees in SOME areas, actually, anything custom that looks good would be fine. But you don't want everything to be custom. Maybe some custom grass in the beginning town.
    Custom trees on an island (if any, havnt looked at world map) Custom buildings in a town.

    You know, jsut here and there.
    Yeah, I get you.. But could you recommend any graphics? I'm not too great making these kinds of decisions for myself o.o.