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    Hello there,
    Most of you won't know me, unless you were part of Trainer Kat's "Grand Tournament" RP, which I believe is the only one I ever signed up for in this forum, however I have been role playing for a long time before I joined here.

    Anyway, I noticed that all the ones I've seen here are based either in the "Pokemon World" as we know it through the games and anime or a region created by the author. That's all fine but I was wondering what people thought of a Role Play set in the "Real World", ie where instead of being from Celadon City, you come from Delhi or something. The reason I ask is because I have had an idea in my head for a while of a short term RP, the "Pokemon World Cup". Similar in set up to a Tennis Grand Slam, it would attract players from all over the world to battle Pokemon in this one tournament. Essentially, it would be like a "Pokemon League" story except with a real world setting which would allow for stronger themes and political values to come through.

    So without going into too much detail, I was just wondering if people would be interested in such a thing. The only other thing similar is a fanfic I once read on this forum called the "Canadian Cup" or something like that (it's probably still there if you go back a few pages) and while, because most of the places I've never heard of, I could not relate to the locations, it did have a different feel to your generic adventure.

    I've also thought of having an adventurey-journey Role Play, similar to the video game's plot, except instead of travelling around a fictional region, they go to real locations. However, in order for this to work, you'd need super-duper-sexy RPers who would be willing to do some research, for what could be a great RP.

    Anyway, I appologise for rambling on, but straight to the point, would people be likely to sign up for a "Real World" Pokemon RP? I would hope to make one some time in the future (in a few months or so?) and would just like to see people's thoughts.

    Thanks. :D