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1.its not a hack so pleaz dont call it that.
2.yes it came out in dec. 2007 but dont be sad cause the next demo is close to realising
3.thats wat the running shoes are for
4.its because he's benn working on it since 2007 which means those are for the new demo.
5.yes every error in the demo im pretty sure is correct.
6.not sure about that one but probally so.
7.yes every pokemon will be able to be caught
8.doubt it, he'll probally have a trading system established when the game is done
9.again the demo is close to being out so just wait a little longer
and 10. sorry but you dont ask when it is supposed to be finished because no one can answer that.
i anwsered all your questions based on that stuff that omega already gave us. so pleaz read befor postin and thankz
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