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    Ive kinda just picked up the advanced map a few days ago and ive figured out inserting /creating maps and how to "connect" a map but i have a little problem i have no clue how to fix. Whenever I create a map in advanced map and insert it to any map it is always added to the PALLET TOWN header on the left bar. I've only had a problem now when i was editing route 4 and connected a route above it (which I want to call ROUTE 26) whenever my character will walk through the threshold from rt 4 to rt 26 the little sign that pops up reads PALLET TOWN...I want that to read rt 26 but whenever I change it, it changes all the maps ive made to be RT 26 and also changes the PALLET TOWN maps to RT 26. Whenever I make a new make it automatically adds to this header and I dont know how to add new ones so that each map can have a different header.....It's confusing for me to explain as im new to this. I think I might be having the same problem as greyson. (also the create new name button is grayed out)