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    Originally Posted by pokemaster209 View Post
    ok ill trade it for hadou mew and wishmaker jirachi use my pearl sig what is your name and wich fc do i use your pearl or diamond
    Ok and use my diamond
    Originally Posted by Crotina View Post
    ok the skorupi is lvl 22 it was lvled up twice and its nature is hasty
    you want to trade?
    I'm only looking for adamant and impish
    Originally Posted by Beginnings View Post
    Hello, I have a shiny Vaporeon with the nature you specified, its female and untouched in return I would like an eevee.
    My friend code is in the signature.
    Ok, use my diamond fc
    Originally Posted by supermachito View Post

    - Ev Frosslass lv 74 (Timid)

    you said you interested on my EV frosslass from my trade thread... your still interested? if you are wanna trade it for
    Alamos Darkrai lv.50 UT-modest/very finicky?
    I don't remember asking for that.
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