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Name: Zane Alaster
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: A former League Champion, and probably one of the worst people you can meet. This man is cold towards people, and some pokemon, but not his own. He is usually nice to his pokemon.

Orientation: Asexual, but if you have to have one then straight

Appearance: Zane has shoulder-length, but sharp black hair with a mild tan skin tone, his eyes are as black as coal, and colder then ice if you stare at them, his nose points down a little as well. Zane wears his own custom uniform with a small logo on the upper-left chest area, and is a deeper red then everyone elses, it also has a zipper down the middle, and converts to another style of clothing, a gray sweatshirt. His pants are black and baggy and go down over half of his shoes, they also have a couple of rips in them. His undercover shirt is a black, baggy shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. But he usually doesn't show it off.

Pokemon One: Vileplume Lv. 67
Pokemon Two: Machamp Lv. 68
Pokemon Three: Crobat Lv. 68
Pokemon Four: Aggron Lv. 69
Pokemon Five: Typhlosion Lv. 70
& Pokemon Six: Swampert Lv. 70