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Originally Posted by JackTheRipper View Post
I'm seriously about to lose my head.
I'm so frustrated that i have to search so endlessly for tutorials and information!!
I wish someone would help me!
I made a ROM hack of Leaf Green with Advance Map, Advance Text, Advance Starter, Overworld Editor, XSE, and FSF. When i test my ROM, it always starts out with "The save file is corrupted blah blah" and i can't get rid of that. If i press continue then it goes to a dark red screen. If i press new game then it puts me through the PROF. OAK lecture stuff(which i've been searching to figure out how to change what PROF. OAK says!) and then when i go out of my house it is a black screen and i can't do anything.
And here's the best part.............this all started happening when i tried to put my script from XSE on the game. The compile button that you said to click does not let me click it so i went to batched compiler or something and did it that way and took one of the 2 offsets that it gave me and put it on a sprite that i made from scratch and so now i can't even play my ROM and i feel like giving up and deleting everything!!!!
Change your Save Type to 128kb, from 64kb.
Originally Posted by Ryousha View Post
Geta new one, XSE is still unstable it may break your rom, get used to it.

Theres a reason called:Backs up
XSE is much more stable than any other script editor, and it shouldn't screw up your ROM.

But still, BACK UP!
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