Thread: [Tutorial] XSE Scripting Tutorial
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What do you mean "Change your Save Type to 128kb, from 64kb."??
On AdvanceMap? or in the game saves?
From my knowledge, i don't even think you CAN save the game on an emulator...can you?
This is all so confusing.
I just want to make my ROM but there's so many errors, bugs, glitches, problems, issues!!!!!!!!! GOD....

I changed it and it got rid of the corruption message but my game still blinks different colors varying from red to green to brown to black whenever i step out of my house. And another problem is that i want to be able to edit the message about "you are about to embark on ..blehbleh.." and i want to be able to edit what Oak says in the beginning also. I can't find either of those two things....

Can someone help me?!

I'm just going to delete my ROM.
I have to since no one on this careless board will help and if they will, i don't know where the frick to go.