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    INFINITE RAINBOW: Pokemon: INFINITE RAINBOW is a game that I've been working on for quite a while influenced by Mainstream Nintendo games aswell as Pokemon Fangames and I've finally decided to release my thread of Infinite Rainbow.

    STORY: First you start out in the town of Pallet as Ash Ketchum.You wake up on the morning that you'll never forget the morning you receive your first pokemon! when you arrive at Professor Lab you will be greeted by Multiple trainers who have ventured to Pallet town from the regions of Kanto,Johto,Hoenn and Shinnoh. Each of the Professors from all the regions have Decided what pokemon the children will receive as their starter. You are given your pokemon and told to return later after saying your goodbye to Miss Ketchum. When you arrive back at the lab you are informed that the other children have already left with their Poke'dex and have started their pokemon journey. But just before you can receive your pokedex Oaks lab is invaded by a mysterous gang comes and takes all the pokemon in the lab. Professor Oak afraid that you will encounter the gang again takes you to his basement and equips you with three of Kantos most noble warriors or Pokemon. then Oak gives you your Poke'dex and you set of on your journey to Become the Greatest Pokemon Master! Your Objective is to Conquer all the Pokemon Regions and Islands, Stopping Multiple Gang Plans. and the age old Missin Catching them all! Become Ash Ketchum and Be the greatest Polka-mon Master!



    -Pokemon From all 4 Pokemon Regions
    -Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,shinnoh,the Orange Islands and more regions to explore
    -Characters From the manga and anime series!
    -Storylines from all the movies!
    -Day/Night System
    -Weather System
    -36+ Gym Leaders!

    -Pokemon Battle System!

    Screen Shots



    -Shinylugia249(for the water & Battle Graphics)
    -Poccil(starter Kit)
    -Alastair(Bush autotile)
    -Hall of Famer(battle Graphics)
    -coronis(Character sprites)
    -Atomic_Reactor(Title screen,Title screen)
    -Cjerian(Pokemon-IR user bar)
    -Pikajew666(Pokemon chara-sprites)

    -PokemonOI-The One in charge
    -Sandro(Userbar Creator)
    -Trogdorhump(Music Composer)