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    Originally Posted by Flameguru View Post
    Okay, someone needs to say this:

    This game sucks.

    OK, I have to agree with FG (even though he could have put it a bit nicer)

    Team Retarded is an extremely stupid name for a team, especially for a team in a Pokémon game. It is also a very offensive word, and it looks like you don't have much respect to actualy retarded people.

    This game has nothing special to it at all, it looks just like poccil's starter kit that hasn't even been change. You could do all sorts of things to make it different - add custom graphics, a new, DIFFERENT intro, new features, better maps, custom sprites, and the list goes on. You just need to TRY to make a good Pokémon game. I hope darkarceus can do a better job.

    This is the one bad thing about poccil's starter kit. There isn't even going to be any decent 'Pokémon' fangames in a few months because of all of these bad games.

    And don't go saying that I'm mean and everything, it was constructive criticism.
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