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    Originally Posted by Master_Track View Post
    @ narutofoxlover:
    search in the internet for the file, then put it into the system 32 folder.
    then, click start and execute (I hope it's the right word, I'm from austria so my pc is in german).
    there you type:
    regsvr32 C: \windows\system32\vbalcbex6.ocx (no space after the C:, but there'd be a smiley without the space -.-)
    this is for windows XP, if you have another system the just type in the direction of your system32 folder.
    and press enter.
    Then there should be a message that the new file has been succesfully registered.
    try opening sappy again afterwards.

    @12345: You have to open the s-file in wordpad and enter commands to loop it.
    Here in the tutorial section, clonex25 wrote a tutorial about it.
    Okay I put the file in the system 32 folder but I cant find where the start option is on that folder. If you mean the start menu at the bottom well it dosent have anything that will execute it. I need someone to help me figure out how to do this cause I still need help!!!
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