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Am I coming up with maps too fast? Here, the new Pokemon Center!

And, have you ever wondered how they heal your pokemon after that machine?(Maybe that machine does all the work anyways though...) Well, here's the back of the Pokemon Center! :D

And, to top it all off, the house when it doesn't have a back door!

Big update folks! More coming soon!

Originally Posted by Shikamaru88 View Post
not bad for a remake.... i'll play it
What's that supposed to mean? I'll get you up to things. :D

It's not a remake. For now it's still a story. And SuperLucario hasn't even picked out the program he's going to use to make the game. Right now he's using Appleworks to compile all the maps. I'm using RPGXP.

There, hope you've got a better sense of things.