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Originally Posted by patc15 View Post
where does the alpha stop at? three gyms?
Yes, it's three gyms.

Originally Posted by Lex_14 View Post
Oh, your are back, congratulations for your return.
I know that resemble machine relay the same thing with several of PokeCommunity or something like that, but you need to work hard the graphic, mainly, and I am not referring to the ministry, which are great.
But to what all the tiles.
And is the first thing we set ourselves ...
Well, at least I xD

In Scripting have a good level, I admit, I played the old Liquid Ocean, and fascinated me.
Good lucky friend ^ ^!
I don't really want to put many new graphics, I'm keeping the Fire Red style, and the only good FR styled tiles I could find are some buildings.
But there will be graphical changes for the different environments.

Originally Posted by DietCokeSeeker View Post
I've hit a bug of sorts or me lacking perseption missed it: In the first city (it has the third gym) I can't seem to get through the gaurds. I talked to Pryce, but he isn't much help. Nevermind, it was just a temporary glitch.

Also, I like it so far. Mareep seems to be popular for an electric starter choice. The graphical style of the main character is cool, but his cap looks awkward because of the way it is positioned.
This happened to a few people, I think there's something with the ROM I used to make the patch, but since it's just temporary, I won't have to make another patch with another Fire Red ROM.

It's good that there weren't any bugs found so far, I'll continue with the progress now, I'll update when I have a few things done.

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