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    Christos, A glitch is when you talk to get pikachu then try to go horizon falls, then try to talk to Pryce

    all he says is Im sorry if I can't find your DAD.

    I'm like. WTF JUST HAPPENED?

    I should be an alpha tester,(I got a new clean rom, and It still happens.)

    I'm probably the only person that found 8 bugs in a day xD.

    It fixed, you have to get Mareep, then go to pryce house,

    DO NOT GO to try in Horizion, it causes a giant glitch.

    Also the guy in Syrnic town, in that route above, he teaches u pokemon, if u click no the game freezes for around 10 seconds.

    btw, the zelda shop, make the premier ball, reapepar after u leave and reenter, so it's there again =).

    The Youngster in the cave is overpowered, my mareep is only level 7, and they have 2 rattata and a a level 7 zubat

    The Insides of a one house with the poliwhirl, has a different music.

    The Inn takes 400 instead of 200.


    Small Tile Error

    Lower the first gym leader, he's too strong, Im level 16, he's way TOO Powerful.

    the First Gym Leader, after u beat him has alot of weird words like A E S soemhting like that.