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Originally Posted by Ryousha View Post
Thats it? Oh noes .

Well I couldn't blame you .

In the ending, can't he like go back telling his friends he wants to stay in the Pokemon World or something, since he in the human world, is odd, cause then when you contuine..................
they can't return anymore.
find out why when beta5/final version will come out.

Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
omg as alwys the update alwys good :D and im excited to play your final released of rescue ranger :D GL hope to see more pokemon hack games from you :D

Originally Posted by Kip View Post
It's ending! Nooooooo!

Oh well, it's been a good ride. Looking forward to playing it out.

Oh, before I forget, last night I had a go at some box artwork:

You have no idea how hard it is to find a decent sized picture of pikachu that's anything but stupidly happy!!

Anyways, hope you like it! :D Support banners and userbars are in the works, might be here either later today, tomorrow or in a week's time (I'm on holiday in Italy next week). I could even have a go at re-doing the artwork on the first page here if you like .
sorry for that though, but yeah, the end is about to be in this hack. :\

also, that's a very cool boxart!
now to anyone who wishes to pirate my hack, feel free to use this boxart! joke.

really, it's very nice. thanks~

Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
wow nice boxart loving it :D hope you can make also a boxart of legend of reign :D
Reign of Legends, not Legends of Reign.

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