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    Originally Posted by Martin™ View Post
    XP users experiencing"Missing OCX error"
    You need to download the named OCX file, as said above. It's an ActiveX control which is necessary for the program to operate. You can search for this file in Google. Then, download the file. Now, put the downloaded file onto desktop, just for convenience, or open your folder with downloaded files. Open My Computer folder and paste into the address bar: "%SystemRoot%\System32" without the quotes. It will open the system32 folder. Now, drag the OCX file and drop it into the folder. You are done.
    So I did exactly this thing, but I still get the same messages as this guy:

    Hi there! I'm new, i was loking for help at a chat from this web-site a little while ago and nobody didn't even tell me something.
    I need help, i'm truly angry because of my damm computer... it just can't run sappy, first an error appeared telling me that i hadn't a driver (i dunno what it really is) called "vbalCbEx6.ocx", i downloaded that and then an error appeared... yes, another one: no. 429.
    "429: ActiveX xomponent can't create object."
    Later, i don't know wtf did i do but another error appeared: 372

    "372: Failed to load control 'vbalCboEx.ocx' from vbalCbEx6.ocx. Your version of vbal... may be outdated. Make sure that you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application."

    And i dunno what to do!!!! ARG!!!!! this is so weird and exhaustive!.

    Please, help me...
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