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I have another brilliant idea (IMO)! 2 Years after Red and Green ( The Male character of Fr/Lg and your rival, respectively) set out to conquer the league, pallet town has gotten more attention. A year ago, a research building was built in Pallet town, secretly the K.P.P.A. ( Kanto Pokemon Protection Agency) wathcing the young people of the town, observing there skills, inviting them once a month to battle each other on the battle sim. After the year had passed, they have chosen you. Enter your rooom- You get a call on your Pokephone from Prof. Oak, telling you to come to your lab ASAP. Upon arrival, Oak notifies you that because you have reached the age of thirteen, you will be granted your Pokemon, Pokedex, Pokemon Liscence.

After choosing between Digllet and Poochyena, you recieve another call on your phone, but this time from an unknown number. You pick it up and someone tells you to visit the research center next door. After you reach the building, a scientest greets you and shows you to a secret doorway inside the lab. You go through the secret passage to find people working on computers, 2 security gaurds, and a mysterious man at the back of the room. When you talk to him, he notifies you that you have been chosen to go on an 1 of 2 important government missions.

You have the choice of either hunting down Team Electro and rescuing Rakiou, or Chasing down Team Rose and freeing Celebi. Both have their advantages because of type advantages. But to be able to finish the final step of the mission, you must first collect all 8 badges of the Kanto region. So tell me what you think?
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