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I restart my Silver and play it every day (also restarted my Crystal and play it every now and again when I'm not playing Silver. XD; ) Here are my teams on both.

Feraligatr: Male // Level 70
Espeon: Male // Level 62
Magmar: Male // Level 56
Beedrill: Male // Level 57
Pidgeot: Male // Level 56
Ampharos: Male // Level 56

Yes, I love my Beedrill. Leave me alone. I've managed to beat Red with this team, so I'm happy.

Meganium: Female // Level 53
Politoed: Male // Level 55
Pidgeot: Male // Level 53
Arcanine: Male // Level 53
Umbreon: Male // Level 53
Gengar: Male // Level 52

Haven't been able to beat Red yet. I shall eventually though! -shot-
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