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Currently with A LOT of clients a-waiting (apparently) - Beta Readers, take a look! THREAD TO BE REPOSTED SOON! CHECK YOUR PMs PLEASE.

Welcome to the Beta Place! Here, one can apply to be a beta reader, or apply to get a beta reader. An organised system that'll hopefully make things easier for people willing to help others with their fic, or people who want help with their fic - whether if it's for another set of eyes to proofread, or major improvements in their fic. And is a shameless copy of purple drake's one on Serebii with some changes XD.

Now, all standard rules apply here including fanfic rules, of course, but also a few more:

- All contact between beta readers and their 'clients' should be through PM and/or email, NOT in the thread. Yes, this goes for people asking someone to be their beta reader and vice versa. This is merely a place of reference, and for applying/submitting applications.

- Emphasis on no spamming. Note from Astinus: This means no "thanking" bobandbill or Astinus when they approve your application. Let's keep this thread neat.

- Don’t apply unless you’re serious about the story or being a beta-reader. By ‘serious’ I mean you’ve thought about it, you know where it’s going and/or know you’re going to stick with it.

- Astinus and I have the right to refuse your submission to be a beta reader, if we think you may not be up to standard. We want people we are sure will help out others, not people who will do a limited job.

- If you were waiting for a beta reader and got one, or you want to update your status, tell me and I'll update it here.

- Beta readers have the right to refuse to beta a story if they have a reason for it. If said reason is they don't have time to take any more stories, they should however tell me or Astinus (preferably me) via PM about it, so we can update your information here.

So, stick to those rules, people.

General advice as well:
- This thread is about guidance, so if you disagree with your mentor you can bring it up with them. Just be polite about it; remember, they are just trying to help you.

- It is advisable to read over your work BEFORE you hand it over to the beta reader. Beta readers aren't a spell and grammar check, but real people (gasp!), so keep that in mind. In other words - don't hand in something that hasn't been run through a proof-read by yourself and a simple spell check to pick up on the simple mistakes (after all, that's what a spell check is for anyway) - Beta Readers want to be able to read your work without going mad.

- Be patient. Beta readers have to take the time to help, so don’t pester them about when they’ll be done with your chapter. That said, if it’s been two weeks or something and you haven’t heard a word, then feel free to give them a poke.

- On the flip side, if you a beta reader with a piece of writing ready to beta and it’s been a few days, and you KNOW it'll be a while yet in coming, warn your mentoree it might take a while. If you’re going away or you’re losing your Internet access, then let them know.

- You CAN be a beta reader and also apply for one as well. We're not all perfect.

Now that's over with, here we go with the applications. First, to be a beta reader. These are both for people to see your style of beta reading and all that jazz, and Astinus and I to see if you are acceptable or not.


Genre specialty:
Preferred method of contact:
Examples of writing:
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/weaknesses (optional):

Now, for what each one means... PLEASE READ!

Category - what type of beta reader you are. Here are the list of what you can choose from:
- Comprehensive - basically, everything and anything on fanfiction
- Character
- Plot
- Language
- Grammar
- Proof-reading - just another set of eyes to look over the work

You can have multiple types for category as well.

Genre specialty- what genre or type of story are you best in? Tragedy? OT fics?

Preferred method of contact - PM or e-mail - if the latter, specify your e-mail too, for obvious reasons.

Examples of writing - here, insert links or quotes of your writing - AT LEAST TWO! You can have more as well. Also, a short paragraph or the such does not count as an example. Show us what you can do, and also the people wanting a beta reader as well. A scene will do, but don't hesitate in linking to an entire story if you choose to. If you haven't actually written anything - no problems there, just say so - we are more concerned over your ability with the next one...

Examples of reviews/beta-reports: - same as before, link (or spoiler-fy) preferable here - but this time AT LEAST TWO examples of reviews or beta reports. Here, Astinus and I can see how well you can beta (or, if you have no examples handy), review. This will also show those clients how well you can do your job as well.

Strengths/weaknesses (optional): not needed unlike the others, but here you can add in what your strengths and weaknesses are in writing and/or beta-reading. This is more beneficial for the clients who can see your strengths and weaknesses if they can't decide between two beta readers.

Ok, now, to be a client. If you look at the list and already know who you want, and you contact them outside this thread, no worries. However, if you are undecided or want people to know you need a beta reader, use this application which should give the necessary information a beta reader may be interested in.


Title of Story:
Plot summary:
Rating (PG, R, etc):
Type of mentor needed:
Writing sample of story:
Other: (such as, how long you've been writing for, what you think your strengths and weaknesses in writing are - optional)

Fandom refers to, for example, Pokemon, or others such as, say, Digimon.
Genre - type of story - horror, Original Trainer, etc.
Type of mentor refers to the category section - do you want a Comprehensive beta reader, or a Proofreader, and so forth.
Writing sample - please include at least a few paragraphs of the story you want beta-reading.

That about covers it, then.

So remember, post to apply to be a beta reader, or a client (unless you know who you want to contact here, of course). Communicate between yourselves then via PM or E-mail, and then notify me so I can update your status.

Get posting people! Currently - at least one Beta Reader in each category, and one client seeking a beta Reader - get to it!


Comprehensive Beta Readers:
[Mentors who are pretty good at all aspects of fiction. Best for very new writers or anyone in need of general help.]

Valentine (Also a Proofreader) - CLOSED

Genre specialty: None in particular. I'd be happy to read and go over anything.
Method of contact: PM for arrangement; e-mail ([email protected] , with your fic saved as a DOC or RTF attachment) once you're ready for me to go over your work. Thanks.
Examples of writing: Most of my work on PC, LiveJournal, and FFNet has been indexed one way or another here.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: Neo Groudon (review also done in my beta style); Galactic Operation: Johto; Breaking Out; The Rivalry
Strengths/weaknesses (optional):
I tend to be incredibly critical. While I guarantee you that I will try to be more polite than I am in reviews (*motions above*), I will still be straightforward (as in, without sugarcoating) and point out pretty much everything, especially if I think you haven't taken my advice from a previous chapter/version. In some senses, this is a strength because I'm thorough for your sake. In other senses, I may be caught up in details or repeat myself frequently.

I also tend to procrastinate a lot, and I take at least a week per chapter. And then I get a little ticked if you try to rush me. So, if you want me to beta for you, you'll probably end up realizing how patient you actually are.

On the positive side, I've spent a number of years studying both English lit and language arts. While this seems like I'm bragging, all I'm saying is most of my life right now is focused on studying the inner workings of literature and understanding how various parts of speech function. If given time, I can take apart a story (analyzing plot elements, characterization, and the little details) and its language (perspective, how language is used – even what certain words imply) to tell you whether or not it works. Not only that, but I have a fondness for applying research to writing, so I'd be able to tell you if your smaller details are logical as well. In other words, I just have training in this kind of thing, and I'd like to think I do a decent job applying what I've learned in the classroom to reviewing.

Character Beta Readers:
[Mentors skilled in character portrayal and development.]

SilverSmeargleSplatter (Also a Plot Beta Reader) - OPEN

Genre specialty: Romance
Method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: Just A Brother; Face Down; e1337
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: Lucas's Father; The lost island; The Tayla Journies Volume 1
I tend to be a bit harsh on OT fics, but of course, I didn't apply for that(I really have no problem reading them, either). I'm still a little harsh in general, but it's mainly to get my point across so I won't have to repeat myself. Also, time is going to be limited for this upcoming week with bandcamp starting, not to mention school in about three weeks. But even still, I tend to squeeze in my precious computer time, and it will get easier when I have a laptop handy. I'm also horrible with sci-fi-ish fics...or 'end of the world' fics. Stuff like that. I'm normally quite the procrastinator, but for the sake of helping an author, I'm willing to put it at the top of my to-do list.

In writing a good number of romances, I know how they're supposed to flow. And then there's always what I see/am a part of in real life. Real inspiration is always helpful knowledge to have, whether you're writing on your own or helping someone else. Oh, I'm also going into my second year of CP English. Though I still have no clue what a predicate nominative is, I've pretty much got everything else.

iLike2EatPiez (Also a Plot Beta Reader) - OPEN

Genre specialty: 'OT Fics and fics with Pokemon as the main characters are probably my specialties, but I can give pretty much anything a go.'
Method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: Team Relic's Story; Team Yukon's Story; Oneshot(FFC)-Abandoning the Dark
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Review of Supah Funk's Absol Tales.
Review of iRawr-x's The Legend of Manaphy.
Review of Fire Eagle's The Tale of Fire Eagle.
I tend to ignore grammar problems in my reviews, leaving those for others to point out and focusing strongly on the plot's issues. As such, I'm really not that skilled when it comes to going over grammar, but I consider one of my strengths to be presenting problems like believability, plot holes, emotion, and description in a clear way.

When it comes to reviewing, I'm serious about constructive critisism. If the writer has trouble accepting critisism, I push to get them to understand why it is important. But, of course, if you're looking for a beta reader you probably won't have that problem.

Plot Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with the development of plot twists, the story climax, and other problems with the storyline.]

SilverSmeargleSplatter (Also a Character Beta Reader - see Character list for further details) - OPEN

iLike2EatPiez (Also a Character Beta Reader - see Character list for further details) - OPEN

Buoysel (Also a Grammar Beta Reader - see Grammar list for further details) - OPEN

Hippy! (Also a Grammar Beta Reader) - OPEN

Genre specialty: Adventure, horror, journey, thriller. No romance though.
Preferred method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: Absol tales, Iron man, Forever shall I be at your side (Not completed):
Thud thud thud. I heard the foot steps, dreading what was next.

Thud thud thud. They continued, adding to my dread.

Thud thud thud. Time slowed, but my heart sped up.

Thud thud thud. It was here, outside my door.

Thud thud thud. Slowly the door creaked, the thing was coming in.

Thud thud thud. The foot steps moved into my room, intesifying my fear.

Thud thud thud. It was standing there, underneath my bed.

Silence. It stopped moving. It must have seen what was on my desk.

Thud thud thud. It is standing by my bed again.

Thud thud thud. It is coming to the ladder.

Thud thud thud. It is climbing up to my bed.

I cannot look, my fear is to great.

"Zeke, wake up!" It shouted, at the foot of my mattress.

"I am awake." I replied, still not wanting to look.

"Good, then this will hurt more." It sneered, preparing whatever barbaric torture device it had in store.

Sharp, stinging pain in my forehead. A round metal object had been thrown, and out of it came a dear friend of mine.

"Sentret?" It said inquisitively.

"Hello Ette, how are you today?" I replied, rubbing the spot of impact on my forehead.

"Hey, idiot, get out of bed!" The thing said, this time simply hitting one of my feet with its fist.

"Leave monstrosity! To the realm from whence ye came!" I shouted, pointing at it.

"Hey! Mom told you not to call me that!" It exclaimed, equally as loud. "I'm gonna tell on you!" '

I sighed at this, hoping the consequences wouldn't be to severe. "By the way," It added before leaving "Mom told me to wake you up."

I watched the thing I call my sister leave, knocking over a few books on my desk on her way out. I groaned as I got out of bed, not wanting to leave the warmth of my blankets; and my body shared my minds sentiment. As I got to the bottom of the ladder leading up to my bed, I sat down on my sisters bed underneath. Ette had followed me down, and even as I sat on my sisters bed, she squeaked repeatedly, sometimes scratching at my door. I watched, wondering why she was acting so odd this morning, but nothing came to mind as I thought about it. I slowly made my way to my dresser to get my clothes for today, still wondering what Ette wanted. Once I had decided to wear a black turtleneck shirt that day with thick carpenter jeans, I walked over to my desk to pick up what my sister had knocked off. One was a book I was reading called 'Absol tales' and the other was a complete field guide of Johto, the region I lived in. I softly placed them back on my desk, turning around to find Ette, still scratching at the door. After watching her do this for a little bit longer, I finally figured out why she was acting this way.

Toady was the first day of my Gym leader challenge journey!

I quickly grabbed the books I had placed on my desk and rushed out of my green walled room and down my stairs, and into my kitchen.

My mother was in there, and when I walked in, she said "It's about time you woke up, you have to get going today!" Unlike most mothers, mine had accepted the fact that I was leaving, and had no problems with it. I said a quick "Yes, I know." to my mother, and sat down to eat my breakfast.

As I nearly inhaled my cereal, a sudden chill came over me, and I bolted upright slowly turning around. There stood the thing, and as I laid my eyes upon it, a shriek escaped my lips, and I nearly fell out of my seat.

Examples of reviews/beta-reports: Reviews of Purplestealth's An awesome adventure, Reviews of Dark_Aero's Little bit longer, Reviews of lvl99rayquaza's Sinnoh guardians: rise of Blaze
I may be a little harsh, or just plain odd. I tend to review things in a way that gets the job done good, but not in an extremely professional way. Other than that, I do sometimes act impulsive.

~Night - OPEN

Genre specialty: I think I'm probably best in Romance, but I'll do any genre you ask.
Preferred method of contact: PM
Examples of writing:
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/weaknesses: I'm good with spelling and coming up with vocabulary. My weakness is that I can't make chapters a whole lot longer.

Grammar Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with ironing out those pesky grammatical errors.]

Blue Angel (Also a Language Beta Reader/Proofreader) - OPEN

Genre specialty: Any, I am pretty flexible. But I am best with romance, comedy, fantasy, and journey fics (or at least deeply interested in tackling Fantasy)

Method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: N/A - although has unrevised and unposted story "Tear of Life".
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Review of Pokémon Ryan's Adventure
Review of Sinnoh Saga
Review of Your My Everything (PG-16)

I used to write poetry; some of my descriptions utalize that - which is fitting for Romance especially - Feel free to tell me if I go overboard there

Buoysel (Also a Plot Beta Reader) - OPEN

Genre specialty: None, I'll read anything.
Preferred method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: This Is Home, currently in production, but am "taking a break" aka Writer's Block.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/weaknesses: Strong in Plot, weak in Spelling

Hippy! (Also a Plot Beta Reader - see Plot list for further details) - OPEN

ShinjisLover (Also a Language Beta Reader) - OPEN

Genre: Any
Preferred method of contact: PM
Examples of writing: Here is one from my Shaman King story:
After my chores – doing the laundry, picking up the groceries and doing quite frankly everything – I would be forced to read twenty pages from a math textbook and 10 pages from any other textbook of my choosing, as long as it would improve my IQ. I was not allowed to go to school, as my father knew that it would make me less obedient. I would become less of a dog; less of a puppet to him.

And one from my Pokémon story:
Without a word, he walked over to the small bed I was sitting in and picked up the rubber ball I was playing with earlier that day. His paw gripped the ball hard, flexing the muscles in his arm. I could see the anger building up inside of him just by looking into his eyes; the once blue eyes were clouded over and irritated. Catching me by surprise, he threw the ball against the wall of the hut, making it bounce back toward him. His claws turned silver and he slashed the ball, breaking it into three. My heart skipped a beat and jumped into my throat. Terrified, I watched as the three parts to ball fall to the floor in seemingly slow motion.

Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/weaknesses: I procrastinate sometimes, but I'll do my best to work quickly and efficently.

*Mira (Also a Proofreader) - OPEN
Genre Specialty: I specialize in fantasy, though I will pretty much work on anything.
Preferred Method of Contact: PM
Examples of writing:
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: Third review down by LydiaB:
Seventh review down by LydiaB
Strengths/weaknesses: I sometimes have trouble drilling into the core of the story to critique (especially when it's the first part), though that typically gets better as I am more exposed to the story line. I also tend to be random, which can be either good or bad.

bobandbill (Also a Language/Proofreader Beta Reader - BACK-UP BETA READER) - 'CLOSED' (I contact clients) (approved by Astinus)

Genre specialty: Any, but have mostly have done OT fics. Also do comedy.
Preferred method of contact: PM for initial contact, send documents via e-mail though.
Examples of writing: Check my sig - two banners link to my two stories.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: All three of these are reviews:
'Their Villainy Must Go On'
'An Everlasting Love'
'Stars' (link to another forum - sppf O_O)
Strengths/weaknesses (optional):
I consider myself good at finding mistakes in betaing (although admittedly I fail at this for my own works >_<). I tend to go over each line/paragaph one by one after reading, and adding my findings or comments underneath each one, explaining why the mistake is a mistake as well, or simply offering suggestions or commenting. In beta reading, I'm good at focusing on finding grammatical/spelling errors, dialogue, pacing and description. I'm not so good judge on plot and characters, although I feel I know how to offer advice on improving one, or commenting on whether one needs work or not. And I tend to find plotholes.

I'm not quite the quickest Beta Reader at times, but I do try to get my job done within the week for each chapter. I also will comment on anything that comes to mind upon reading the chapter, no matter what aspect. However that also mean I may harp on a bit, or over-analyse things.

Language Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with the fine-tuning of language, including things such as description and dialogue.]

Blue Angel (Also a Grammar Beta Reader and Proofreader- see Grammar list for further details) - OPEN

bobandbill (Also a Grammar/Proofreader Beta Reader - see Grammar list for further details - BACK-UP BETA READER) - 'CLOSED' (I contact clients)

ShinjisLover(Also a Grammar Beta Reader - see Grammar list for further details) - OPEN

[For the more experienced writers who need a second set of eyes and to offer a second opinion - usually aim to give a general overview of a work, but may focus on aspects the author particularly wants an opinion on or which they specialise in.]

Blue Angel (Also a Grammar Beta Reader and Language Beta Reader- see Grammar list for further details) - OPEN

bobandbill (Also a Grammar/Language Beta Reader - see Grammar list for further details - BACK-UP BETA READER) - OPEN

Mira (Also a Grammar Beta Reader - Check that list for more info) - OPEN

Valentine (Also a Comprehensive Beta Reader - check that list for more info) - CLOSED


drunk ¬_¬ - Seeking a Beta Reader

Title of Story: The Prodigy
Fandom: Pokémon
Plot summary: A typical Gary-Stu used to winning all his life finally meets defeat at the “Pro-Test”, and is unable to get his Pokémon trainer’s license. His life takes a bad turn and the once perfect Memo (that's his name) meets treason, drugs, prostitutes, fights, thievery, and becomes deeply entangled with some teams who are looking for monopoly of drug and Pokémon trafficking.
Genre: Dark → OT (non-traditional)
Rating: R for strong references, to drugs, murders and prostitution, as well as (non-graphic) sex and sexuality.
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive Beta Reader (I don’t consider myself a bad writer, but this is my first fanfic, and although it is a bit complicated, and mature, I don’t want to take my chances).
Writing sample of story:
This is the beginning of my prologue, as I don’t want to completely give it away yet - “Perfection achieved!” the announcer’s voice rumbled throughout the hall of Jane City’s Municipal Auditorium. The crowd roared in excitement at the sight of the Pokémon battle that had ensued; jumping, clapping, cheering and bellowing, the whole hall started to shake violently, leading many of the younger attendees to start crying. Here and there, fights broke out between the drunken men in attendance, and both cops and guards scrambled to stop these as soon as possible.

The voice of the announcer continued excitedly through the hall’s speakers. “We’ve just witnessed an impressive strategy, relying on perfect calculations, and analysis of a less experienced trainer by Guillermo “The Prodigy” Rebello, who has overpowered and completely destroyed his opponent with an expertly-aimed attack combination to defeat his opponent, and become champion of the Interscholar Pokémon Battling Tournament Open-Level!”

Both the crown and announcer refused to calm down, which made the hall shake ever so violently. Even more children began to cry, and an increasing number of them to get lost, prompting even more ruckus and disorder in the hall.

Other: My first language is Spanish and I rely heavily on Microsoft Word’s spell-check, which I’ve heard isn’t such a good idea. Any kind of advice, or constructive criticism is gladly accepted.
Please PM me if interested.

Mira - Seeking a Beta Reader

Title of Story: The Mind
Fandom: Original Fiction
Plot summary: This is the story of a fifteen-year-old girl named Sylvia who, after having been proven to be a Faerie, is sent to F.W.A. (Faerie Wing Academy) to have her Powers trained. After she receives her wings, she meets a woman who informs her that she is the next Mind Faerie: a Faerie born to be the guardian of the Light Faerie (the king or queen of their world). She learns that the Dark Faeries are on the move and are searching for the next Light Faerie. Sylvia is trained in her newfound Power in order to have the tools needed to protect the new Light Faerie. The only problem is, she doesn't know who it is.
Genre: fantasy and perhaps action (Before you ask, this is not a romance novel. There's no romance until the second book and even then it is not the main component of the story.)
Rating: PG for violence (maybe killing?) and perhaps some cussing, but otherwise G
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive? I don't really know which aspect I want to have it worked on specifically. My story just needs some general help. Any kind of mentor would be welcome.
Writing sample of story: Check here:
Other: I don't currently have much of this story, but I'm still writing it. This is book one of The Silver Mark Trilogy.

ShinjisLover - Seeking a Beta Reader

Title of Story: . . . >.> Still thinkin' of one.
Fandom: Pokémon (human adventures)
Plot summary: A young trainer starts out her adventure with a rough, rough start. Her foster father, Kyo (Koga of Fuschia City), is of hardly any help to her. She tries to fight for justice, although cannot see the hypocrisy in her actions, as she treats her Pokémon terribly to aim for one goal: More power with which to destroy Roketto-Dan. And that's just the first two arcs.
Genre: Tragedy, Romance, Action
Rating: Probably R-ish for explicit violence, explicit adult themes, and language.
Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive
Writing samples: Check here.

Pikalover10 - Seeking a Beta Reader

Title of Story: PokeSpecial: Johto Journeys
Fandom: Original Trainer Fanfic.
Plot summary: A story about a young boy named Gold with the ambition to be just like his father. He goes on a journey with a Cyndaquil, just like his father and soon begins to realize something is happening in Johto and it is up to him, Crystal, and Silver. These three go on different journeys, but often run in to eachother.
Genre: Journey, with a hint of Romance and Mystery.
Rating: PG: 13
Type of mentor needed: Grammatical most likely...
Writing sample of story: Check it here (character limit)
Other: I've been writing outside of PC for about 2 to 2 in ahalf years...while writing in PC I have grown in writing quit alot and I am now thinking aout becoming a professional writer when I grow up I think my strengths in writing is description, and I am pretty sure my weakness is grammatical errors...

*Abenti - Seeking a Beta Reader

Title of Story: Pokemon Amber: The Untold Memoir
Fandom: Pokemon
Plot summary: A prequel fic centering around the never seen, never named, only mentioned once in the anime father of Ash Ketchum set about 10 - 12 years before the anime starts. Anthony "Tony" Ketchum, an 18 year old trainer gets disowned after an argument and heads towards the Kanto region to take the journey that he had only planned on doing before. Along the way he gains a traveling companion as well as two other pokemon other than his his first one that he had aquired eight years prior.
Genre: OT, Romance (due to the technicalities that the OT and companion falling in love/getting married by the end of the story).
Rating: On the general whole I attempt to do PG or milder.
Type of mentor needed: Plot, Comprehensive
Writing sample of story: The chapters I have posted up are located at
Other: I've been writing/working on this particular fanfic for a few years, though I have had off and on fanfic writing for a number of years prior in the Sailor Moon fanfic department (though that's a whole different can of worms that I've yet to finish writing on). My greatest weaknesses writing wise would be plotlines (individually per chapter) and general overall follow through... More often than not I find myself not being able to follow through with a story idea once I find that I don't have someone to bounce ideas arround and/or get opinions or thoughts from.

dream's-epilogue - Seeking a Plot Beta-reader (more specifically, one good with 'Concept & Flow') - post AND file here.

Knyaz Vladimir - Seeking a Plot/Grammar Beta-reader - post here.

Mizan Nix Zamnie - Seeking a Language/Grammar Beta-reader post here.

¡Chucho! - Seeking a Plot/Character Beta Reader - post here.

*Giratina of Never-Turn-Back - Seeking a Plot Beta Reader/Proofreader - post here.

*SkyBlue - Seeking a Plot/Character Beta Reader - post here.
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