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    Hey, I think this thread is a really good idea :D

    Game : Pokémon Diamond (Europe)
    Player's name: Matty
    Playing time : 36:57
    Number of Badges: 8
    Location : Outside the Pokemon League building please!
    Team :
    (Could they all be level 60, shiney, and have a lonley nature with fairly good HP, attack, special attack and speed EVs please?)
    Pokémon in box: Yes, one of each starter and legendery please! (one set shiney, and one not please?) with them all at the levels and moves and details they're supposed to have, as if just met if that's not too much to ask for?
    Additional information: Left just outside the Pokemon League, after beating the elite 4, with all the key items you should have up to that point, including national Pokedex. And could you make sure you don't do any of the pokemon events please? And if all Pokemon were legit/legit looking as possible that woul be totally awesome! :D

    Thanks, and if anyone would be so kind as to PM me if they give me this save file ^.^
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