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I'm hoping I did this right. Heh.

Catergory: Character and Plot
Genre specialty: Romance
Preferred method of contact: Private Messages
Examples of writing:

Just A Brother
Face Down

Examples of reviews/beta-reports:

It's not too often that I get to read something in my preferred genre, but review-wise:

Lucas's Father
The lost island
The Tayla Journies Volume 1

Strengths/weaknesses (optional):

I tend to be a bit harsh on OT fics, but of course, I didn't apply for that(I really have no problem reading them, either). I'm still a little harsh in general, but it's mainly to get my point across so I won't have to repeat myself. Also, time is going to be limited for this upcoming week with bandcamp starting, not to mention school in about three weeks. But even still, I tend to squeeze in my precious computer time, and it will get easier when I have a laptop handy. I'm also horrible with sci-fi-ish fics...or 'end of the world' fics. Stuff like that. I'm normally quite the procrastinator, but for the sake of helping an author, I'm willing to put it at the top of my to-do list.

In writing a good number of romances, I know how they're supposed to flow. And then there's always what I see/am a part of in real life. Real inspiration is always helpful knowledge to have, whether you're writing on your own or helping someone else. Oh, I'm also going into my second year of CP English. Though I still have no clue what a predicate nominative is, I've pretty much got everything else.

It feels like I'm applying for a real life job. Wow.


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