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    Originally Posted by GhostPrincess View Post
    I would have to go with Misty.. Not because of shipping and what not but..She was the first prtagonist I knew when I started watching pokemon. When the episodes were actually good..They kinda went downhill after the hoenn season >.>; *cough*replacingvoices*cough* So I guess I really like Misty because she was the first protagonist and my favorite.

    May on the other hand..I did NOT like at all.. She jsut annoyed ALOT. Ithought shewas entirerly lame and didn't deserve to be in the series at all.. I just utterly hated her.

    Dawn on the other hand.. I wouldn't give her a 5 star for being the best protagonist but she is a good character overall. I just hate how every female protagonist HAS to go to contests. I would probably like dawn better if she did gym battles but.. I don't hate her but I don't like her as well.. I'm pretty neautral about dawn so its basically like this for me..

    Misty- Awsomest

    Dawn- Neautral

    May: HATES

    But of course people have there own opinion on there favorites so yah ._.;

    *hides in case people get mad at me for hating May*
    Don't worry no one will stab you for that, its your opinion & everyone is entitled to the own opinion.

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