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Incidentally, we could edit our profiles in the future, right? As in, if we decide to change categories. Or do we simply PM you for that?
Yes, editing is not a problem. It's better that you tell me though, as I'll have to update it in the first post then. Yes, all your details are being added there, so you can see everyone that you can chose from on one page in one post. You can PM me or post here if your beta profile needs changing, such as what type of beta reader you are or if you don't want to take any more for the time being.

Anyway, you all passed. Applications were how they should be, (and your answers for the strengths/weaknesses part will be quite helpful for those wanting to choose between two or more beta readers so they can see who is beta suited for them).
And if one does make a mistake with the applications I'll just tell them if something important is missing, no worries. I've added all your details to the first post.

External links are perfectly fine as well for the stories and reviews/betas.

SS, you may want some better examples for your reviews, but I know you know what to do and all. Just that the 'clients' may be more impressed by impressive reviews.
It feels like I'm applying for a real life job. Wow.
Beta reading - it's more than a job.
Keep them coming people!
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