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Originally Posted by Silver Riolu View Post
Hey Christos, how have you been doing with Liquid Ocean? :\ But I remember when you had to start over because when you were using the Emerald ROM base, what exactly happened when you used it and the ROM got corrupted? :\ Because I've been using the Emerald ROM base and nothing has happened on a hack that I'm working on. :x But anyway, your using Fire Red anyway, which is pretty good. And good luck with Liquid Ocean.
I didn't really switch to Fire Red for its stability.

Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
Sorry for these noobish questions, but I'll ask it anyway. Who will do the Hero's Introduction Sprite, Trainer Sprite, Using Pokemon Sprite, Backsprite and Pryce's Introduction Sprite?
I finshed the Alpha. Requires a bit more text editing on the Trainers/Gym Leaders/Advicers.
The alpha really requires a lot of savestates!!
I'm not sure yet, but I do have some spriters in mind, but I don't know when I'll get them done.

Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
This hack is one of the best hacks out there, because of its originality and simplicity, which is what I like about Pokémon Liquid Ocean. You are very talented as a hacker, Christos.

I think Pokémon Liquid Ocean should get another award. It doesn't matter if it's Hack of the Week, Hack of the Month, or Hack of the Year, because I think you deserve all of them.

Your events, like in your Pre-Alpha, was incredible, all of the events were timed out practically perfectly (and the events were amazing, not something that an average hacker would come up with).

Although there is one downside about this hack that I dislike; the graphics. The graphics are very simple, yet they don't keep much of the feel that it is Pokémon FireRed that you're hacking. It feels more along the lines of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire or Emerald, as the colors are more towards yellow, there is only one grass tile that I notice, and the flowers are almost exactly taken from Emerald.

Also, the idea of changing the color of flowers was nice, as all of the games only had one flower, or a certain amount more, but they appear less often. But maybe, for each color changed, you should edit the flower slightly.

I also saw a problem in the palette in one of your screenshots, the palette's grass color is different from the normal grass color. I really like the bridge though, it looks very real. I'd say I want to play this hack right away once it gets released.
Okay, first, the "simple" graphics are Fire Red's, and they look nothing like R/S/E, I only changed the grass palette a bit. The buildings are custom, but they're Fire Red styled. And yes, the flowers are Emerald's, it matches with Fire Red, and it doesn't really change the Fire Red feel, and it looks good in many colors.

And the error in the screenshots is not in the alpha, I'll change the screenshots too. And you said you played the pre-alpha, though the only release is the alpha.

Here's a screenshot of the new hero overworld sprite, made by Avatar, it will be included in Alpha 1.2.


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