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Originally Posted by Master_Track View Post
well, that's easy to explain...the rom isn't supportet ^^''
Maybe the language was a problem.

And @Martin: Yeah you're right with that, but sometimes you already HAVE the newest version of the file, but it keeps showing the error message.
Then it's nor registered and you have to use the regsvr32 command to register it ^^
That was my problem some time ago.

@naturofoxlover: which operator system do you use, XP. 2000 or vista?
Pls tell me what exactly you typed into the box ;)

Well I typed this in the run box and plus I already put the file in the system 32 folder but heres what I typed in: regsvr32 C: \windows\system32\vbalcbex6.ocx and it gave me a stupid message which I put up above. I have windows xp as far as I know.
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