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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
Yes, I know they are FireRed's, but if you took a screenshot with a signpost, some grass and flowers, I would mistake this hack for a hack of Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

I know that the buildings are FireRed Custom Tiles, they are amazing. That's what I said before; but if you take a screenshot of a city, you would think that it's a FireRed hack. But of a Route, you would think it's Ruby.

And lastly, yes, I've played the Pre-Alpha, but of the OLDER Liquid Ocean. It was good, as well, but this one will beat everything you've done in the past.

Good luck with this fantastic hack, Christos.

Oh, also, nice new hero sprite. It looks great. I knew you would change it, as it wasn't a "perfect" sprite.
The grass, trees and mountains are still Fire Red's, so that keeps the Fire Red feeling, despite the signpost and flower tiles.

And thanks~

Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
christos did you have plan adding d/p pokes? :D GL
Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not.

Originally Posted by Ryousha View Post
Wow... that sort of looks like Pokesho's Red Overworld sprite, for the front look right now cept edited o_o.
If you took a better look, you'd see that they're nothing alike, the hair may make you think that, but if you see better you'll see.

Hebe Plains was a bad, rushed map, so I remade it. Here's some screenshots.


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