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    Pokemon: The Lost Region of Galeor, a PG-13 Fanfic by Nikko.Ideator

    Hello. I'm Nikko.Ideator. You may recognize me from my sprite thread, the complaints desk thread in the other chat section, or my hack in the scrapbox, Pokemon GlobalEarth (Which by the way, stop by there and say hi, please. It's fading fast.). This fic is about a boy named Maxie Devon, who just turned 13. He lives in the region of Galeor, my made-up region. It's full of new Pokemon, which I will show you on the thread. Here is the prologue, so tell me what you think. If you like it, I have chapter one ready.

    Prolouge: The Night before the day.

    Maxie Devon was lying awake, although he was supposed to be sleeping. However, the anticipation filled his body and put pressure on it as if it took a physical form.
    He kept on attempting to close his eyes and drift off to sleep, but he simply could not. As he tried to go to sleep, he just could not, as much as he desired it.
    Tomarrow was the day he was allowed to become a licenced Pokemon trainer, or a person who captures Pokemon, and trains them for battles with other Pokemon trainers.
    He could not stop thinking about it, which Pokemon he wanted, where he would go afterwards, but mostly, his life-long dream to be the champion of
    his region, Galeor. He could remember when he was only six years old, he watched his brother on TV, fighting in the finals of the Galeor Tournament, you could see
    the fire in the eyes of both the trainers and their prized Pokemon. His brother, Roy, was the first in 15 years ever to defeat the region's champion, Darwin. They say it
    was the most intense battle that has ever been whitnessed. Unfortunately afterwards, his brother disapeared. He was simply gone. No trace of him was left behind. He
    looked at the clock on the night stand. It read "2:30 p.m.".

    Suddenly, the light switched on, and Maxie rose from the covers, picking up his glasses and putting them
    on his face. It was his mother. "Maxie, honey. Are you still awake?" asked his mother. "Yah. I just can't stop thinking about tomarrow.", Maxie said in a tired manner."Well. You sure don't want to show up tired, do you? You'll need your rest." Said Maxie's mother. "I know, I know. I'm trying. I'll drift off at some point." "I know you
    will, son. I know you will." She walked outside, switched off the light, and closed the door behind her. Maxie finally calmed down and fell asleep. "Tomarrow" he thought.

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