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Looking For Shiny Pokemon O_O
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    Sure, but may you give me their natures?

    @Crystal Shaymin
    Ah, forgive me! It's not UT, but raised one level. (sigh) I suppose you might not want it any more, but the ability it has is pressure. Sorry about that...

    Mmm... how about my Shiny Heatran for your Wishcash? I already happen to have a Kricketot and Ditto (Both of which, if I remember correctly, were given by you ;)).

    I already have a shiny Charamander, but can you give me the nature on the Eevee? Also, I'm interested for the Miltank too ;) (BTW, yes, I can clone, so PM me for the trade, ok?)
    Pm me if you want to trade!!!
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