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Absolutely. I do that with my school writing. I was just in an "aww what da heck i'll do a fic evry1 else is doin it" mood last night. Almost a drunkish feeling, not exactly, but dreamy and light-headed. As an alternative, considering I'm more chipper today than I was yesterday, I was thinking of a comedic-action-romance fic about a kid named Nikko, as in me Nikko, turning into a Meowth, and teaming up with a Skitty to figure out what happened. Kinda like a Mystery-Dungeon thing if you have not already figured it out. What do you think?

Also, I just got a new computer, without Word. And my subscription expired. I have no spell check. That makes me sad. I think I'll go cry. *Sniff*

Just kidding about crying. I'm looking for an alternative, and we all make misteakes now and then in typing. We have, like, three signals going through our brains at the time.

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