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    {Pokémon: Tree of Peace}----- ~As reviewed in the 1st issue of ROM Hackers Newsletter!

    Technical Information:
    Hack of:
    Code Base: FireRed BPRE
    Creator: Kawaii, Inc.
    Language: English, Englais, etc.

    [x]New Region: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tottori!
    [x]Storyline: Featuring your favorite dastardly villains, Team Rocket, with small appearances from Teams Aqua and Magma
    [x]New Friends and Foes: Tree of Peace will develop the NPCs far better than Nintendo has ever done. There will be more friends, more foes, and more rivals to test you along your journey.
    [x]Steambot Chronicles?: Many characters will be reminiscent of their counterparts from the game 'Steambot Chronicles'.
    [x]And, of course, much, MUCH, more!

    Features to Make Life Easier: Click!
    Basil In-Depth/Userbar: Click!
    Titlescreen: Click!
    Not-so-Friendly Competition: Click!


    Tottori, a region located to the south of Sinnoh, has taken on a life of its own. Not completely as developed as Kanto or Johto, many cities have attained the hustle-and-bustle state similar to that of Saffron or Goldenrod City. On the other hand, there are even more locations that have just recently been explored and colonized. One such area is Puffspore Village. Originally home to many forest dwelling pokémon the small hamlet is now being provided electricity and a train depot is in construction. After this human-interaction, many of the creatures that onced called Puffspore home have now fled in lieu of a more peaceful environment. You, the main character of the soon-to-unfold story, have moved to Puffspore Village with your Mother and Brother. Your brother has recently become sick, and your mother believes the unclean city air to be the cause. Not only that, but she's watched your fascination for pokémon manifest into an uncontrolable urge to be with the creatures. Prof. Basil's Green Leaf Academy is situated right outside of Puffspore Village, making it all the more reason to move. Although the story of Puffspore's forest dwellers may seem tragic, all is not lost. Atleast, the situation is better than that of the Whisperpine Woods. Located deep within the woods is a large tree. The "Tree of Peace" provides security and nourishment to the entire region of Tottori. Unbeknownst to many of the humans that call Tottori home, many a foul deed is being commited within the Whisperpine Woods. Team Rocket has recently funded a logging venture that is ravaging the Wood. They hope to harvest the frightened creatures that call Whisperpine home and to entice the guardian of all nature, Celebi. The story of Tottori is continually being written. By fate, you have been led into the pages of history to stop this menace. The rest of the story is up to you to write...

    Trophy Case:

    [x]For some strange reason, when walking in one of the cities (not yet released), which uses the Saffron City tileset, all sprites are on top of the tiles. If anyone knows the cause of this, and what I can do to fix it, I would be greatly appriciative. Click Here.

    Things I need help with...
    1.) Sprites/OWs for Basil, Vanilla, Coriander, Marjoram, etc. from 
    "Steambot Chronicles"

    [x]Christos and Peyi for ROM Base and Tiles
    [x]PokéCommunity and PHO for introducing me to hacking
    [x]All Hackers that inspired me to delve into the depths of Mapping, Scripting, etc.
    [x]Hackmew for creating the script writing program, XSE, I've come to know and love!
    [x]Cooley and Megiddo for the Titlescreen


    Currently, the only available release is Prologue. Expect the next release sometime this year. ~Outdated!~
    Note: Many people have not yet been scripted in the prologue. The idea was just to give a feel of the game. Proceed to talk to people with caution! Also, none of the signposts have been scripted. This is not a glitch!

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