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    Chapter six: Sable.

    Sable, a normal Sableye, born unto Sarah and Adam Gemini, lived in a cave near Lavaridge town. She never had much trouble in her life, mostly due to the fact that she kept to herself. Her only friend was a particularly annoying Shuppet name Annette. Sable and Annette grew up as friends and stayed that way throughout their whole lives.

    "But I'm getting ahead of myself. This whole time you've been sitting here, listening to my story, but I never gave you my name. My name is Fredrick Charles, and my small blue friend here is Marin, a marill as you can see." an elderly man tells you. This man is wearing a well worn green jacket, with a blank blue shirt under that. He still seems to have a fair amount of brown hair on his head, but you can see the Grey coming in. You met him in the woods you are currently in, while you where looking for a very elusive Shroomish, and he invited you to come to his camp, which seems, more like a canoe held up on one end by a stick and a fire. When you had both become comfortable he started this story he has been telling you, up until this point, in which he decided to introduce himself. He seems trust able, and hasn't a single thing to make you think otherwise. "Are you hungry?" He asks, reaching into a sack lying near his canoe and pulling out two long, sharpened metal rods and a bag of marshmallows. He hands you one of the rods and sets the marshmallows off to the side of the fire, at a point where you can both reach them. "If you want any, help yourself." He says, then adds, "Well, I guess I should continue my story. Where was I again? Ah yes, Sable."

    Sable met Annette while helping some of her tribe search for berries in the forest. She reached up to pluck a berry, when Annette creeped up behind her and stole her entire harvest so far. Sable searched everywhere she could think of, looking for her basket. The last place she checked, which of course the last because she had no need to continue looking once she found it, was the tree she started at. She looked up and saw Annette, munching on the berries, even though there where only a few left.

    "Hey! " She shouted, gaining the small, Grey, puppet ghosts attention, "Give those back!" This, of course, did not work. All it did was startle the Shuppet and make her run away. The only problem with this was that the small ghost didn't know which way to go, and flew straight into the whole Sableye tribes village. When she realized her mistake, she turned back, only to see Sable, jumping through the trees, to catch her. "This is easier than I thought it would be." Sable thought, her pursuit of the small thief. She managed to catch the Shuppet by jumping at it when it tried to pass her. The only part she didn't think of was the fact that instead of jumping towards another tree, she jumped out, right over the path, with nothing to catch. She wasn't high enough up to seriously hurt herself, but when she landed she did create a crack straight down the middle of her the ruby embedded in her chest. She still had a hold of Annette though, who was screaming "Let me go!" This attracted quite a bit of attention from the other villagers, who all came to see what was goin on. Annette and Sable wrestled each other on the ground, one trying to prevent the others escape.

    The village elder walked up to them and said "Sable, what exactly are you doing?"

    "I'm stopping a thief, thats what I'm doing!" She replied, between clenched teeth. The elder just sighed and picked both Sable and Annette up and carried them to Sable's house. When they got there Sable was forced to explain what she had done, and the small Shuppet was asked where she had come from. She was sitting silently the whole time Sable was telling her side of the story.

    "Well, I don't really have a home, I just live around here." Annette said, hoping they would let her go soon.

    "Well, where are your parents?" Sable's father asked.

    "I have no idea, last I saw them they where captured by some human." Annette had her head down during the whole thing, but if any of the others had looked closely at her they would have seen that she was crying. This statement made the others in the room gasp, except Sable who was still mad at her for stealing the berries.

    "Since no one else will ask, I may as well. Could you tell us how your parents where captured?" Sable asked, her face stoic.

    "Sable!" Her mother said, but before she could say anything else Annette said "It's alright, I'll tell you. Me and my parents where about to head home from having a little fun with some humans on the mountain when we see another one. We decided to have one last bit of fun by throwing a couple berries at him. We climbed up a nearby Oran berry tree, when the human sent out a Gengar. We knew that we wouldn't be able to get away with anything after this, so we decided to leave. Right as we turned to go, the Gengar jumped in front of us a put my parents to sleep. The next thing I know two red and white balls hit my mother and father in the head and a bright red flash of light goes off. Then the balls start shaking, and after three shakes they both stop. I heard that this only happens when the pokemon inside is to weak to fight their way out, so I would think that they were tired from the days events. All of a sudden the Gengar turned in me, but I knew what would happen if I attempted to free my parents, and I did not want to suffer slavery to some human. So I ran, I ran as fast as I could, crying the whole time. I couldn't believe what had just happened, I didn't want to believe it. That was last year, I've had to live on my own the whole time." Everyone else in the room was aghast, even Sable, who up until then had been to angry to show any other emotion. Sables mother walked up to Annette and wrapped her arms around the weeping pokemon.

    "It's okay," She said, in a attempt to calm Annette down, " you're safe now." Annette felt better when she heard this, but couldn't stop crying after having told her story.

    The elder then walked into the middle of the group and said "I believe that Annette needs a home, and I can only think of one way to solve this problem. Sarah, Adam, will you take Annette into your home?" Sable was silently pleading her mother not to, she just couldn't see how she could stand having this annoying Grey pest around.

    After a short, whispered conversation with her husband, Sarah said "Yes, of course."

    Annette and Sable had the exact opposite faces at this. Annette's was a face of happiness and belonging, and Sable's face was one of sorrow, and fright. Sable quickly ran out of the room and into the forest. She found the tallest tree she could and climbed all the way to the top. She had not intention of jumping, because she knew that this would not benefit anyone. Her mother had followed Sable into the forest, with her father at home, helping Annette get settled in.

    She found Sable, in the tree she had climbed, and soothingly said "Sable, please come down."

    "No!" She shouted back "How could you take that thieving little brat in?"

    "Sable, darling, she needed a home, and we had one to give her. Did you think we would just throw her out on the street in her time of need?"

    "No, I just didn't want her living with us!" Sable retorted.

    "Sable, please come down, we'll work this out." Sarah said. Sable didn't have much choice, it was either stay in the tree or go home with her mother. She almost stayed in the tree, only to avoid Annette.

    "Alright, I coming down." She said, much to her mothers relief.

    "Thank you, I'm certain things will be fine." Her mother said, relieved that her daughter was getting out of the tree.

    Sable's mother was right, everything did turn out alright. At first Sable was reluctant to be around Annette, but eventually they started to get along, and became great friends. This lasted for two years, but then they met Saul. He was just returning from seeing his newly made scratch on his blade, and he was hit by an oran berry by none other than Annette. Annette had become a Banette by then, and had no trouble throwing things now that she had arms. Sable was picking the berries, and passing them down to Annette. Annette would then throw them and they would both have a good laugh. This was especially true when they saw a particularly angry Seviper pass and get hit in the head with a rotten berry, and start thrashing around in anger. Saul was different though, he could sense that they where there, but knew that attacking them would be a bad idea.

    Instead he walked towards the tree they where in and, much to their dismay, climbed it and saw them. Before they could run he said "I'm not mad at you."

    "You're not?" Annette hesitantly said.

    "No, I'm not." Saul confirmed, adding "I could use your help. Do you know of the tracer Absol's?"

    "Yes, any self respecting pokemon does." Sable replied climbing down.

    "Well, I would like you to assist me in this, but only when we are in the same area of course, I'm not going to ask you yo come with me." Saul said, knowing that he wouldn't be able to help Darren alone every time.

    "Well, I don't see why not." Annette replied, looking to Sable for her answer.

    "I'm okay with it." Sable added, but continued by saying "But only when where in the same area, right?"

    "Right." Saul said.

    "Okay, if we are ever in the same area, and you need help doing your job, just ask us." Sable said, with an approving nod from Annette.

    Saul didn't have any need for their help, but simply visited them many times. He finally asked for their help now, when he and Darren where running through the forest, after being attacked by the squad of assailants still at Darren's home.

    I baaaaaaaaaaaack! I apologize if my female characters are not very feminine, any help in that matter would be greatly appreciated. Also, any questions you may have about the story, feel free to ask them. I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
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