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    Originally Posted by cooley View Post
    For some reason, Verdanturf Music, sounds horrible, at the beginning, but it sounds great in Pokemon Rijon adventures, and I extracted it from Rijon Adventures, so I wouldn't have to fix the one extracted from Ruby. It sounds great passed the beginning.

    I noticed that if you insert music over different songs, you get different results. Islands 6-7, anything you insert will sound great on it! I tried editing the song in Advil Studio, but it's still the same. Verdanturf is a good song, by the way, but it is so hard to insert :\
    Yup thus is the magic of different voice groups. When inserting something, it's good to replace it with a song that has a lot of the same instruments. Thus is explained more in-depth in tutorial 2.

    Oh yeah and I made a new video tutorial of Sappy.
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