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    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    I did yours already... =/=/=/ Well, before you had Moltres. -.- See what I'm up against?

    Use it or lose it .. or .. wait?

    DDD's already brought it up, but yeah. "Use of unsupported hardware to hasten the acquisition of a shiny." And I'd go bananas at the thought of it, having, myself, hatched 2,000+ regular Chikoritas the "slow way."

    Yes, you may. Be nice!

    You are not a co-owner, and you do not have the authority to admit anyone to the club. You have a warning.

    "Encounters" sounds good enough to me.

    I have made it to Kyogre and done two lone soft resets. The problem is that a L45 Kyogre has no problems making short work of a L59 Sceptile and a L56 Politoed. I'm lucky if Sceptile can False Swipe it to 1HP, and moreso if Politoed can survive long enough to see the thing caught. And why is it that Hypnosis has like (experimentally determined) 25% accuracy?

    I decided to go look for a Sing Lapras with Water Absorb on Fire Red, but the things are too fricken rare in that cave. After like 20min, I find one and capture it, only to find it has this funky ability, Shell Armor. I switch Linoone (with Surf) to the front and spend another 20min to find another, use Surf--ineffective due to Water Absorb, only for it to Perish Song straight off. That move doesn't belong on wild Pokémon. I switch in Marowak and, deciding False Swipe is too weak, use Strength. 40% damage. Perish Count 1. Repeat Ball. Escapes. Instant Suicide Lapras! And to think they say mankind pushed them close to extinction. Seems more like they did it to themselves.

    So it's obscenely late after all that failed Lapras hunting, so I guess it's good night.
    Sorry! I had no clue that I couldn't! I was admitted my someone new and she made it seem fine, so... No shiny news. Maybe when I feel like going and chaining something I'll get a shiny. Hopefully one to be EV trained because every shiny I have gotten as had a HORRIBLE nature with usually bad IV's. Except for a Vibrava or two. GL all!
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