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    Finally! I'm through! PC's been giving me a freaking load of errors the past 3 days....

    No shiny Dratini yet but it feels like it's merely at my fingertips now. I plan Sunday to finally have all my battling done. (I still have 4 to go... jeez. Good friend dialga2008, then 'LightningRodC', rematch with cheater slacker Smash9414, and seems like there was someone else, see I can't even remember them all. Oh, yeah, SolarHero. And then there's an optional one and that's my friend's friend who I was supposed to battle first to begin with! @[email protected] <- That for sure)

    It's funny, first of all that one person (Smash9414) supposed "gf" starts attacking me for beating him and calling him a loser which I didn't exactly call him a loser, I was just really pissed at the time. Ok thank god I haven't heard anything outta her. But then the guy's friend calls me a sore winner, and then I tell him the same thing I've told everyone, then the guy actually watches the video and then agrees with me and now wants to be MY friend! ROFL!!!!!!!

    So hopefully I can rematch this Smash9414 guy (although it'll kill him not to use his Darkrai) and beat him just as easy when I did it against his ubers and settle it once and for all and have all of this done by Sunday so I can finally.... Finally start trying to get Gligar.
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