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Sorry for the delayed response. Buncha stuff's been happening lately.

Originally Posted by Nikko.Ideator View Post
Absolutely. I do that with my school writing. I was just in an "aww what da heck i'll do a fic evry1 else is doin it" mood last night. Almost a drunkish feeling, not exactly, but dreamy and light-headed.
Hee. Completely understandable. Can't count how many times I've been drunk on the computer and thought it'd be a good idea to do an OT story. I've considered posting some of them, but, uh, I'd rather save myself from waking up the next morning and finding a big pile of "WTF?" reviews, you know?

As an alternative, considering I'm more chipper today than I was yesterday, I was thinking of a comedic-action-romance fic about a kid named Nikko, as in me Nikko, turning into a Meowth, and teaming up with a Skitty to figure out what happened. Kinda like a Mystery-Dungeon thing if you have not already figured it out. What do you think?
Well, as long as it's not essentially Mystery Dungeon-turned-into-a-fanfiction kinda deal, I think it'd be interesting.

Now, okay, that might've come out wrong, but what I mean is this: Lately, a lot of people have thought it would be a good idea to turn the game into an actual fanfiction. As in, use the same world and the same concept (kid with amnesia gets turned into a Pokemon and is assigned the task of saving the world or Pokemon in Pokemon-only world go around performing missions) to make a story. While there's really nothing wrong with that, the plot's really getting to be worn as much as the average OT story.

On the other hand, if you've got a plot that either isn't essentially "kid with amnesia goes to a world full of only Pokemon" or come up with a plot twist that makes said storyline interesting, I say go for it. The concept you've mentioned as it is has enough looseness to it that it can really bend and shape itself to a lot of interesting things.

Also, I just got a new computer, without Word. And my subscription expired. I have no spell check. That makes me sad. I think I'll go cry. *Sniff*
Hmm. Try looking up Open Office. It's a free-to-use program that does a lot of the exact same stuff as Word.
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