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Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
Ok, ok, I finally get through again. I tried posting something earlier congratulation 41victory on gligar, practically a whole essay, and then it gives me the fatal error BS.

So I'm gonna make this as quick as possible and hope it doesn't freaking screw me over again.

Congratulations 41V, can't wait to get mine, I rematched Smash9414 and he's already biatching that it was a 'test' team, wants another rematch, instead he's starting to piss me off

No luck on Dratini. In a way I'd love to have it now so I could use it but....

In these recent battles I haven't even had to touch my 6th Pokemon so it doesn't really matter. o_o;

Good luck everyone...

I will start chaining gligar soon once I can beat off all these stupid noobs
Hey WTF I challenged you, and now I'm a noob!? I got legit shiny lugia from a friend today, it's a littly weak, but hey, it's a shiny lugia. GL all!
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