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    The IVs and EVs question:

    To define a Pokémon's IVs or EVs, you would use the following type of statement.

    pokemon[0].iv[0] for IVs, and pokemon[0].ev[0] for EVs.

    Substitute the first 0 in brackets to reflect the Pokémon number in your party (note, 0 is the first one, 5 is the last one). Then, substitute the second 0 to reflect the IV or EV you want to change (0=HP, 1=Attack, 2=Defence, 3=Sp. Atk, 4=Sp. Def, 5=Speed).

    So, if I wanted to change the defence IV of the third Pokémon in my party to 31, then I would simply use this statement.



    Now, for my own question: what are the function codes and their meanings for move effects in moves.txt?
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