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    Okays...well, I've been trying to think of how to start off the "Year of the Hoppip" (and hack...but that's a different story!), and the one thing that struck me was..."Well, of course, we have to get the word out first!" So, I was thinking doing something that involved the Custom User Titles. Instead of putting something in our signatures, we can do something more "viral" and put it in our User Titles. That way, it gets people wondering what we're talking about, so when we do do something more "mainstream" it'll get more attention. Now, if you wanna put something in your signature, like moi, then by-all-means do so! When it gets closer to New Years, we can decide on something BIGGER!

    Okay, something like this:
    Harmony in Hoppip~YotH '09 (read: YotH stands for Year of the Hoppip...)
    Serenity in Skiploom~YotH '09
    Jovial in Jumpluff~YotH '09

    You can choose whichever's your favorite! =)
    By the way, I was hoping Serendipitous would fit, but alas!