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Originally Posted by MetaMew View Post
A few how to script questions:

1. How to script an event where a NPC gives you a tour of town then gives you a town map?
I want him to approach the player once you step on a certain sqaure.

2. How to make someone notice you have a certain badge and give you an HM for it?

3. And lastly, how to make the nurse at the pokecenter say "Good morning" or "Good night" depedning on the time of day it is. Basically, I want to script it so that she only says good morning the first time you visit in the morning or good night the first the time you visit at night.

Thanks in advance!
The first and third question are answered already, and I have a simple solution to the 2nd..
The battle with the gymleader, change the switch in the battleswitch, from selfswitch a to a global switch, and then on an other event if that switch is on, give the hm..
Hope you understand what I mean !

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