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You need::
Advanced Palette Editor
Pokemon Rom

Images Are Resized!!!

If you haven't read my other tutorial, go here if you don't need to
change the palletes or don't know how to change the trainer backsprites.
Go here:

It's practically the same method, except you use APE.
So open Ape, then your rom. FIRE RED! Then go to: E76EC1
That is the palette offset. So this is what it will look like:

That looks wrong doesn't it?
So click the Compressed Palette Button.(LZ77)
It won't look different, so go up where you put
the palette in, and click the left arrow. Now the right arrow.
So basically, you go back to it.
This is what it will look like::

In that picture, you'll see the word COPY, in red.
Click where it leads to. Then you got this:
IGNORE THE RED MARKS.That will not appear.

Now you just put in the colors you want IN HEX. It'll show up then in the rom that way.
You can use the color picker to help you. AKA Tools::Color Picker.
Now you can do the rest of my tutorial at the top.

HAPPY EDITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you wan't to edit the girl backsprite, just click the arrow at the top right once.

I want that apple......