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Originally Posted by yaoimutt View Post
did you put a space in the styem name for it? (the first place where the name is) because if you did, get rid of the space.

I didn't. But it fixed itself. Weird. 0_0

Hmm.. Another problem.

I made a Pokemon battle with the new "TEAM ROCKET". The text worked out okay...

And then, it says this: Can't find battle 1(of 5) for the trainer(TEAMROCKET, Grunt) in Trainer data file. So it said I could edit the pokemon there, and I did that. Then it suddenly says...

...and I said "no". Then it went on changing it to 3(of 5) and 4 (of 5)... I wonder how I can disable that.

Here's my script, in case there's something wrong with it...