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    i have a great idea for a hack. i see there is a pokemon manga hack down there, but i think sombody should hack FireRed to follow the pokemon adventures manga(i think its special in jap?), with a few changes, like if i were running it, the tourney would lead up to the final 4 and that would end the game. a potiential problem is what to do with the sevii islands. but other then those obstacles, it would only require some slight sprite hacking, and scripting changes. the problem here is, im not a scripter. if sombody would help make this a reality, id be very appriecative, i can write out the story and pretty much direct it, and i know some slight scripting, i could make some finishing touches, but if sombody helps youll get most of the credit. the manga>>>>>>the anime and the game, cause its slightly more mature then the anime, and you never talk in the games. so who wants to help make this a reality? and if you dont know about hte pokemon adventures series manga, here

    i dont have 15 posts, so go ahead and copy and paste that.