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    There are so many Fan Fictions out there, arent there, Solar Beam?

    You're right about that, Vanessa. And so many fabulous ones with the most awesome characters at that!

    Thanks, Solar Beam. Ok, well. Now to cut to the chase. You may see them go along with everything in Fan Fictions, you know, the characters! But they never got to communicate with other character from other Fan Fictions. I decided to make a thread just to let our characters set free and strut their stuff!

    So we all get our own thread?!

    Yes, Wildfire. That's Solar Beam and Wildfire, characters of my Fan Fiction, which is new to this forum. Wildfire is a character we dont have yet (she's the daughter of the real Entei), but she's anxious so why not.

    Anyways. Let your characters in your Fan Fics chat here! Introduce yourself, and try to color your writing. It's a heck of alot easier to see who's talking when they habe their individual color! Chat away, Fan Fic characters!

    I'm Vanessa, same as the one who just talked, and here's my girl Pokemon:

    Well, I'm Wildfire the Entei, I'm a girl, mind you.

    I'm Solar Beam, the Rapidash!

    I'm Flame!

    Harmony the Torterra, at your service!

    I'm Hypno the Alakazam! *waves*

    I'm Sassy the Lopunny!

    I'm Maylon the Gyarados!*bows* Pleasure to have our own thread.

    No problem, Maylon! Now for my last Pokemon! It's Rampage, the male Rampardos! And yes, I have a team of eight.

    Hello all!