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    Originally Posted by PokemonKnowItAllVanessa View Post
    Introduce yourself, and try to color your writing. It's a heck of alot easier to see who's talking when they habe their individual color!
    Yeah, but it's a heck of a lot harder to read. Harmony nearly blinded me. (I had to tilt my screen and highlight that bright green just to read it. Just keep in mind that not everyone can read colored text. You may want to go with something a bit less bright -- or simply try the following suggestions.)

    Wouldn't it just be easier to use chat or script format? Or even prose?

    For example...

    Jax sits back and motions to the character who randomly appears next to her. The latter blinks in confusion and nudges a pair of glasses up the bridge of her nose.

    "Um." Viola seems to be particularly eloquent tonight.

    Noticing her companion's lack of communication skills, Jax opts to speak for her. "This is Viola DiAngelo, main character of the infamously irregularly updated and equally shoddy epic of yours truly, A Midsummer Knight's Dream."

    Viola blushes and lowers her blue eyes. "It's not that bad, you know."

    Ignoring her, Jax continues, "Of course, the only good thing about the fic -- aside from the fact that I learned I can, in fact, BS politics -- is the fact that the characters are decently fun to write. From the seductive Olivia to the hyper Mercury, I'll have to say I've enjoyed letting these characters wreak havoc on the defenseless people of Verona City."

    At once, Viola appears a little uncomfortable. "H-hey. I'm good, aren't I?"

    "Huh?" Jax blinks, but her expression appears to be one of pure indifference. "Yeah, uh, sure. Whatever."


    Or, alternatively, another conversation, done in chat format. Or script format, if I bother to code stage directions decently.

    Viola: Oh! I'm... I'm alone. Right. Uh, hi. Oh. There's... there's a lot of you out there. Oh. Wow. A lot of you. [She clears her throat.] Right. Uh, I'm Viola, and I... well, I guess you can call me a toymaker, but I haven't really... done much of that lately. [She clears her throat for a second time.] A-anyway, oh. I've never really met an Entei or anything before. You're... you're not really supposed to exist, you know. Oh boy. This is harder than I thought. Um...

    [Suddenly, Mercury storms in from stage left and shoves her aside.]

    Mercury: You're killing yourself out here. Stop it before you hurt yourself. [She turns to the others.] Hi, I'm Mercury, I'm a Midsummer Knight, and among other things, I'm an alcoholic. There. That's not so bad. Now, you try.

    Viola: But I'm not an alcoholic.

    Mercury: First step of the twelve step process is admitting you have a problem!

    [Sebastian stands off to stage right, but he pokes his head onstage and scowls.]

    Sebastian: She doesn't have a problem!

    Mercury: Denial is not a river in Egypt!

    [Turning his head, Sebastian addresses someone in the wings behind him. The rest of the Midsummer Knights cast is apparently backstage, unseen and engaging in both legal and illegal activities.]

    Sebastian: Wasn't one of you supposed to keep her off stage?!

    [There's a chorus of grumbles from the other cast members backstage. None of them seem to want to confess... whatever it is they're confessing. On stage left, near the wing, Jax stands back next to Bill, who shyly peeks past the curtain. He doesn't seem to have stage fright. Rather, he shifts on his feet awkwardly and rubs the back of his neck, as if he's embarrassed to be there.]

    Bill: I'm not entirely certain why I'm here. Strictly speaking, I'm not one of your characters, isn't that so? I have some fairly important research to--

    Jax, interrupting: You're close enough, and we have free beer and rare Pokemon.

    [There's a moment's silence, after which Bill turns to the others and smiles politely.]

    Bill: Hello. My name is Bill, and it's a pleasure to meet you all.


    So, yes. If we could ditch the colors, that'd be great. If we could have a topic or something like that, that'd be better because otherwise, my characters are a bit shy. Or drunk. You know. Same thing.
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