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-claps hands together- Oh I like this. Now let's see...which fic, which fic...well, seeing as I have My Name Is Fuega up on PC, I suppose those characters should appear here...


Fuega: Eh...wha?

Freesk: Eep!

Kevin: -blinks-

Aqua: Hi!

[all stare]

Kevin: Wait, who are you?

Fuega: -snort- Moron. That's the authoress.

Freesk: Ohh.

Kevin: The who? And...wait, why are you talking?!

Aqua: -sigh- So, these are the current characters of My Name Is Fuega -

Kevin: Your name is Fuega?

Fuega: No, my name is Fuega!!

Aqua: There's Kevin, the newbie Trainer from Pallet Town; Fuega, his irritable, pessimistic (female) Charmander; and Freesk, the upbeat and almost creepily cheerful Butterfree. More characters are to come, but these are the protagonists as of Chapter 3.

Fuega: Do you want me to take a chunk out of your arm, you -

Freesk: O_O Um. -Sleep Powder-

Aqua: ...Thank you.

Kevin and Fuega: -snoring-
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