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    SupahFunk: Yes hello there, I"m afraid I have no choice but to use the characters from my story Absol tales.

    Darren: You say that like its a bad thing!

    Saul: Darren, he didn't mean it that way, he said that he had no choice because we are his only characters right now!

    Darren: Oh. Sorry, SupahFunk.

    SupahFunk: It's alright Darren, I understand. You aren't depressed at all?

    Darren: I would prefer not to talk about it.

    SupahFunk: Oh, alright, I understand, again.

    Saul: Good, now how did we get here?

    SupahFunk: Someone created a thread on the site where your story is displayed, where the author takes their characters from a story of theirs, like now, and has them talk to each other and other people, I think.

    Saul: Okay, good, well I'm going to leave now.

    Darren, grabbing Saul: No, you're not.

    Oh, come on Darren, I know you don't want to be here!

    Darren: That is not true.

    Sable: Saul, don't be in such a rush to get out of here, otherwise you might wind up with a berry in your face, right Annette?

    Annette: Right!

    Sable: Hey SupahFunk, you need a nickname, so we don't have to say your whole name all the time, maybe something like 'Supah' or maybe just 'Funk'. Does that sound fine?

    Funk: Fine by me.

    Darren: Hey girls, and guy, Saul just snuck off the stage!

    Funk: I had better go get him, you guys stay here!
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