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Originally Posted by Visual View Post
Amazing, I would've commented on this earlier but I was away for quite a while. Your mapping still gives the game an awsome feel to it, the one thing I don't like is the ground palettes, they seem a bit too dark to me. But i'm not saying change them, cause they still look good. Did you change the pokeball sprite to a great ball?

Good luck, this pretty much inspired me to hack again.
I want to have new palettes, even though they don't look as good as the FR ones, but they're close to them.

Originally Posted by Psytist View Post
VERY nice. I noticed items are in diffrent types of Pokeballs; does that represent how rare the item is?
(Eg. Great Ball = Rare/Common/etc)
Great balls are common items you find anywhere, Premier Balls are rare items, HMs, etc.

Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
That's quite clever, if you ask me. I always noticed how Nintendo would add Pokéballs scattered around along your journey, but you could never guess what it is. You could even find a Great Ball in one of these Pokéballs, which is very awkward.

So, Christos, is there any news on Liquid Ocean? I don't understand why this is in the second page.

Keep up the great work, I will play this hack as soon as I can.
Even if the ball is different depending on how rare the item is, it would still be hard to guess, but I'll see what I'll do with it.

Originally Posted by Mr.Fury View Post
If you message me the OWs i will make a userbar.
Also if you tell me a main legendary and the starters i can make more.
If you looked carefully at the first post or played this, you wouldn't have to ask this.

I got lazy and didn't finish the mini-game and the second sidequest scripts, so I finished the Horizon Hills map, the route north of Reine City. I'll try to get the Alpha 1.2 scripts done soon. Also, new mountain palette, I may keep it.

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