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    IceDragon2439: Well this is different...I wonder how Maxi and Rebecca will see this.

    Maxi: Huh...what I was Prof. Elm's...where am I?

    IceDragon2439: Well, this is an area where we can talk to each other and other writers and their characters.

    Maxi: So your the one who made me...why didn't you give me hair like yours, I want your long hair.

    IceDragon2439: Well...yes I did create you but didn't feel like describing my long hair, so just go with it. Where's Rebecca?

    Maxi: Still at the Professor's, where I should be.

    Rebecca(popping up next to Maxi): Hey eveybody!!!

    Maxi: Oh my god, you scared the living bejesus out of me!

    IceDragon: Bejesus?
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